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E-max general effective ceramic usage
         Many friends have asked me about the usage of effective ceramic long time ago.Now I only have VM9 and EMAX two suits of ceramics powders.Since VM9 is too bad,I take EMAX for example.
         Firstly,it is a photo of ceramics powders that needed after the metal frame building up combine ceramics.(in order to show the structure of ceramics powders more clearly,I choose represent for every kind of ceramics powders,it doesn’t need all kind normally,maybe only need several kinds of them, we can choose it according to the real situation of patient.

       I choose thin ceramic Deep Dentin for the cervical area.Many people think it should use CT,including Ivoclar official technical guide.But I think it is better to use DD ,because DD masking affection is better.If we use CT,it can see a bit metal frame by cervical edge thin area.After all,this is my own opinion,you can follow official guide. 

        It doesn’t need to paint DD in all the area of metal frame because the space of ceramic is is the same as palatinal area.

       Of course we can paint some OD to deepenthe lingual and cingulum 

        Then it is the mainceramic Dentin.Normally our tooth’s main developmental groove is like 3 fingers.But later many people pile many ways.They don’t understand why it is not the same to the real tooth.I found a foreigner technician also make like this.He told me that real tooth doesn’t have so many groove.But we have to admit it is more beautiful with more groove.It is the same as that many belle are not real,and many girl like to  make face lifting.So that is what we do.Of course ,it is not more better with more groove.I have heard that one technician make 28 grooves in one tooth.I think that is no sense.

      Then build up MM growth leaf porcelain,I think this is suitable to the people who has special order.We should take care to make in normally aesthetic prosthetic,because not all the people regards reality as artistic.

      Then the introduction is the usage of opalescence effective porcelain .Many people use OE1 and OE2 to laminated plastic with internal vertical shape.I prefer to surround OE2 by incisal and add to OE1 by groove.Normally I add strip by cervical using OE2 or OE3,in order to strength the sense miscues of cervical.(the photo following is OE2-OE3-OE1)

      We need SI by incisal.SI yellow and SI gray are in common use,because these two shade are the most common in individual shade.Here is SI gray.

      Inter Incisal blue white porcelain mostly strengthen light.I use it  in the middle normally to extend like butterfly.

        CT is a little translucent.In my opinion,it is more suitable to use outside.


        Here is common incisal porcelain Til and translucent porcelain Tn.

      We can add a bit T-orange-grey if you like partial yellow translucent by incisal.

      After first time firing

      We can add translucent porcelain Tn to add the shrink shape after firing.We can use other low translucent porcelain powders in special situation.

      We use IE in incisal to add halo affection and use a bit T-blue to add blue translucent affection by both marginal carina.

     At last,we repair the shape to be completely and make lingual flat.

      Take outandadd the proximal contact firing.

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